You know that these are my very first pair of air pods, like of all time. So if you're an air pods newbie like myself, then this article was made for you, so kick back, relax and let's not waste any time, so I'm pretty experienced with truly wireless earbuds. cloudstory So I kind of already knew what to expect with the air pods.
The first word that comes to mind is small, which is not a bad thing at all. It just means I can Palm it with very little effort. I love how pocketable it is. Is the perfect dimension for your jeans read pocket the contours of the case lets it slide and easy now. One thing I like to pay attention to is the opening and closing of cases - and this is hands-down - the easiest earbud case to open that I've ever used.
It opens with barely any effort and the spring hinge immediately snaps in place, there's no having to lock it back like I had to do with the galaxy buds and the strong magnet in the center of the lid shuts tight, which, by the way, I can't tell You how many times that I've kept like opening and closing the case before I ever even use them for the first time, just because of how satisfying that click is, and I can tell Apple definitely acoustically engineered this case now, thanks to Apple's new h1 chip that Supports bluetooth 5.
0: when it came to the initial connection of the air pods, it was stupid fast. It literally only six seconds. It'S just a matter of opening the lid and then holding a close to your iPhone and then pressing connect and that's it you're ready to go easily the fastest setup process for any pair of earbuds that I've tried or for any gadget for that matter period. And my favorite part about this is that once the air pods are connected to one device, it's ready to go on all of your iCloud devices.
So your iMac, your iPad or your Apple, read it's already in the Bluetooth settings and there's no need to initiate the pairing process again and that's one of the things that makes me weak when using Apple devices. Is that simple? No questions asked approach when it comes to using all of their products together, and I did end up scuffing it when it hit my wood floor and I freaked out because the mark that it had wasn't coming out, or so I thought, but then, after just taking A microfiber cloth a little bit of toothpaste, warm water and then some circular motions.
It came right out. That'S just a little tip for you guys if you see any cosmetic wear in the case and to elaborate on that. My only complaint with the case and the air pod is the maintenance. I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. It'S just like I'm constantly having to clean out crust and earwax debris, hair everything just collects on these air paws, especially around the lid and the seams of the air pods, and the fact that it's white it just makes it look worse.

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